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They say that good things come to those who wait and by God, 2019 has been a year for rewarding the patient. Firstly we had Rammstein’s triumphant return after a 10 year recorded hiatus and then the mythical Tool defied all expectations by releasing 'Fear Inoculum' after 13 years. Finally to round off the decade, Georgia Maria has finally released a studio recording!

We appreciate that Georgia is not quite as established as the aforementioned titans of rock and roll; however to anyone who has been paying attention to the underground Open Mic scene in London over the past few years, the name Georgia Maria (or Georgia Patterson) will definitely ring a bell. Georgia first grabbed our attention back in 2016 when we saw her playing a solo covers set which included some fantastic covers of Nirvana and Stevie Nicks songs, but most impressively an outstanding rendition of Tool’s 'Vicarious'. Ever since, we have been teased with the prospect of original music and an EP, but Georgia appeared defiant to present her work to the world until it was ready.

In our review of Dan Caleb’s show at The Finsborough Arms last month we mentioned Georgia’s outstanding support slot and were happy to confirm that we needn’t worry that “we had built it [her new material] up too much in our heads”. Debut single ‘Musketeers’ has taken any remaining concerns or fears and smashed them into a thousand pieces. The wait is finally over and boy has it been worth it.

‘Musketeers’ is a great summation of all the various styles and influences that Georgia has taken in over the years and a phenomenal way of introducing her music to a wider audience. Although the influence of bands such as Tool and Fleetwood Mac shine through the track; Georgia Maria has very clearly managed to generate her own signature sound which is a phenomenal achievement for a debut single. Throughout the songs 5:29 running time, she twists and turns through various styles and genres from Celtic Folk to Prog Rock and even elements of Metal; all whilst stitching each element together seamlessly so that it seems like a logical progression. Not only does this show off her skills as a songwriter, but also as a brilliant musician. Whether it is the hypnotic finger picking folk introduction or the wailing guitar solo in the latter half; Georgia is able to show off her virtuosic guitar capabilities whilst never taking away from the core of the song or showing off. Likewise, her vocal style remains consistent throughout with little deviation in terms of melody, but it is a melody that draws you in and a hook that will get stuck in your head.

Credit is also owed to Dax Liniere who’s production brings ‘Musketeers’ to a whole new level of quality. It is clear that a serious amount of thought and care has been put into every minute detail of production; be it the evolution of the drums and guitar tone or the multilayered vocal harmonies. Every component finds its own place so that the listener is rewarded with multiple listens, but nothing is ever overpowering.

If ‘Musketeers’ is anything to go by, then the debut EP from Georgia Maria will definitely be one to keep an eye out for at the start of next year. In a debut release, Georgia has accomplished the magnificent feat of creating a work of art that is both expansive and eclectic, but never pretentious. That is an achievement that can not be understated.

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