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Sometimes all you really want is some classic rock and roll music to kick back and relax to. On paper there is nothing hugely exciting about Canadian rockers 'One In The Chamber' but that is not the point. They are not looking to push musical boundaries or experiment with strange time signatures; what 'One In The Chamber' truly excel at is unrestrained fun. After two years of relentless gigs and festival slots, 'Bills To Pay' is the first recorded offering from their upcoming debut EP.

Drawing from a diverse range of influences, 'Bills To Pay' is a refreshing and modern take on a the simple structure of old school rock music. Drawing comparisons all the way from 'Led Zeppelin' and 'Motorhead' to 'Black Keys' and 'Heavens Basement'; this is the kind of timeless music that would fit in any decade. The production could benefit from a bit more bite and aggression, but this is a thoroughly enjoyable debut recording from 'One In The Chamber' and we are very much looking forward to hearing the rest of the EP later in the summer.


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